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I try to stay out of the mainstream gossip as much as possible, but having a Facebook account makes that nearly impossibe. I can guarantee if I didn’t have Facebook, I would have no idea who Justin Bieber is. But i do know who he is and I have heard of all his horrible antics. Driving under the influence is just so cool….

Lots of people are talking about how he is just a “poor kid” and needs to be “saved”. That we shouldn’t judge him and that we should pray for him and embrace him. They want to see him released and let off. He’s just a kid. To that I say, RIDICULOUS!

He is 19, an adult. And he made decisions that could have killed someone. Have you ever seen someone die? I have. I watched a man, a father and loving husband, die right before my eyes. He was hit by a drunk driver. That driver was 19. Would people still be feeling sorry for Bieber if his actions had killed someone? Do they realize a slap on the wrist will only validate his feelings of invincibility. Being untouchable…

Another thing people often say is that Miley and Bieber are not influences on our youth. If they do have an influence on our youth then it is the parent who has failed to do their job. How is that so? Everybody is influenced by their environment. The media is part of that. Unless a parent keeps their child with them 24/7 and don’t allow them to watch TV, leave the house, or visit friends, it is impossible to keep them from being influenced by something. Even Bieber and Miley.

If you say that these people are not influences, I’d have to say that you are completely oblivious. If a stranger told your child that they shouldn’t play with this toy or that one, you would likely step in and say something if you disagreed because you know it could have an impact on your child. Have you had your child come up and ask you why someone said something or announce that so and so said that this is true. Clearly they are being influenced.

Even adults are highly influenced by the media. They are getting plastic surgery to change their image. They are scheduling cesareans because it’s what the celebs do. They are having botox and practicing parenting techniques they heard their favorite celeb talk about. To say that our kids are not influenced when we adults are, is absurd. And to say it’s all the fault of the parent? So even when they are influenced as an adult it’s still because mom and dad failed us? 

As a parent, we do our best to ensure that are children are surrounded by positive influences. We cut people out of our lives to prevent them from being an influence. We change our lifestyles to make sure we are good influences. But the media is everywhere. Magazines at the store, Miley and Bieber dolls, TV, radio and etc. We can try to steer our child in another direction but our kids, just like you and I, are unique individuals. They are capable of coming to their own conclusions and thinking their own thoughts. Not everything we say is going to get through to them. 

I agree that it is not Bieber or Miley’s responsibility to care for our kids. I would never EVER ask one of them to or want them to. But unfortunately they are influences. And they started out as influences to our youth targeting the younger generation. I’m not saying their life is easy trying to leave behind the childish image but I don’t feel sorry for them for all the negative backlash they are receiving. They chose this path. They chose to be in the spotlight. They should just accept that spotlight and fame come with people being in their business. 

They should also, as should many celebs, take responsibility for their actions. Sadly we don’t have many people in the spotlight that we can look up to. And if we do, I may just not be aware because I try to stay away from all that. But feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


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