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The Things I Love

Often we overlook the things that bring us the most happiness. We take them for granted or we don’t notice them at all. We are to busy focusing on the negatives in our life. And yes, I am very guilty of doing this as well. So today, I am going to make a list of all the amazing things I love and have to be so happy and grateful for.

I have my “furbabies” whom have been with me for a lot of ups and downs and have never wavered. They are always happy to see me with wagging tails and big smiles. Even the ones that have to live with grandma on the farm. They love road trips and running free. It’s always relaxing and fun to watch them run through a pasture and jump through tall grass. Or try to swim. I say try because they aren’t the brightest. One inhales water as he paddles and the other just doesn’t have a clue… Both would drown before leaving the water if I weren’t going with them. So very loyal.

I have the most amazing mother. She tries to be very understanding of the choices my family and myself make even though they aren’t what she’s used to. She continues to make sure that i do not go without even though I am 23 and have a family on my own. The most loving, caring woman I have ever known.

I get the luxury of being a stay at home mom because I have a supportive, hardworking, and dedicated fiancee. He even comes home and starts dinner and does the dishes if I haven’t gotten to it. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

I get to wake up to smiles and giggles down the hall. I get to listen to my son try to sing. I get to watch him grow and become a unique individual. I get to be here to soothe and comfort him when he’s having a hard time. Go to bed after hugs and kisses every night.

I get to create and carry life. I can feel it moving inside me. Every movement a miracle. Everyday a gift.

This is just a small list. I could go on for days. All the amazing things I get to feel and experience as a mother often render me speechless. How lucky am I?


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