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False Lover

She gave up her children to stand next to a man
Who really doesn’t care and puts her down with his hands
Two little boys growing up without a mother
Because she believes in a false lover
She fell for his words, so cunning and sweet
But she ignores the way his actions speak
Countless nights she cries herself to sleep
Can’t stand the guilt she feels when her little girl sees her weep
Asking her “Mommy, are you okay?”
And watching her cover the bruises she got today
Leaving Pennsylvania she left so much
To live with a man she can’t trust
She knows he hasn’t been true
And he says I’m sorry with a bruise
But she forgives him and takes him back
Without a thought, just like that


Upon You

A poem I wrote 4 years ago….

The night is pitch black 

Nothing to help me find my way back 

No light to light up the sky 

Leaving me here wondering why 

These memories haunt my mind 

All I want is you by my side 

To hear you laugh 

It lingers in the past 

To see you’re angelic smile 

Something I haven’t seen in awhile 

You had a way of lifting my spirit 

Now I don’t want to hear it 

All the words they say 

To let me know there’s no way 

I will ever see you again 

My heart is filled with so much pain 

There’s no hiding it away 

So I’ve turned to the whiskey 

Half gone, and half in me 

They say it’ll be the death of me 

I can’t even speak 

I’m slurring my words now 

Hoping the whiskey will drown 

All the feeling I have left in me 

I can still see the beautiful coffin 

That now contains my everything 

My every wish, my every dream 

For you to be here with me 

But you were taken from this world 

As it slowly continues to spin around 

My knees hit the ground 

As I begin to realize 

That with your life, 

Mine was stolen to 

Leaving me here 

Lost and so confused 

People often say 

They’d give their lives 

For those taken away 

But for me this is not true 

I would never wish this pain and suffering 

… upon you