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False Lover

She gave up her children to stand next to a man
Who really doesn’t care and puts her down with his hands
Two little boys growing up without a mother
Because she believes in a false lover
She fell for his words, so cunning and sweet
But she ignores the way his actions speak
Countless nights she cries herself to sleep
Can’t stand the guilt she feels when her little girl sees her weep
Asking her “Mommy, are you okay?”
And watching her cover the bruises she got today
Leaving Pennsylvania she left so much
To live with a man she can’t trust
She knows he hasn’t been true
And he says I’m sorry with a bruise
But she forgives him and takes him back
Without a thought, just like that


Unseen Love

Tiny little fingers
Holding you tight
A love that lingers
Forever out of sight
Though you cannot see it
Doesn’t mean it isn’t there
You can feel it in his longingful stare
Just a little boy, wrapped up in his fathers arms
Forever protected, completely safe from harm